Aoi Kiriyama
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Aoi Kiriyama
Kana 桐山 葵
Romaji Kiriyama Aoi
Personal Profile
Occupation Manager of Nail Salon
Family Unnamed Father
Love Interest Terumi Minamoto
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 32

Aoi is Kaoruko's friend and Terumi's second target. She is 24 years old and works as a manager of a nail salon.


Aoi's personality is cold and unfriendly. She also teases people that are prettier than she is. Due to her work at the nail salon, her room is a mess to some extent and made some effort to clean up. Noticing Terumi's attractive to her, she is willing to have sex with Terumi. This led her to becoming his first time with a woman. Aoi have a father complex.


She has a slim waist with short hair to the back of her neck. A noticeable trait about her hair is that many parts of her hair is divided uneven around her hair. The end tips of her hair curved slightly upward around her head. A few of these curves stick out on the other side of her hair. Aoi have small breasts and light blue eyes.


She owns her own nail salon and because of this, she is too busy to take care of her house chores and because a chance for Terumi and offers to help her. It's later revealed that Aoi has a father complex shown when she was having sex with Terumi while calling out to her daddy. She is the first person that Terumi had sex with.