Hana Suetsumu
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Hana Suetsumu
Kana 末摘 華
Romaji Suetsumu Hana
Personal Profile
Occupation College Student

Aspiring to become a Voice Actress

Love Interest Terumi Minamoto
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 178

Terumi's eighth target. She is a shy girl with an anime voice that is cute and useful for broadcasting and announcements. Though due to her shyness and lack of confidence she has few if any friends. Kaoruko Fujiwara helps her to become a seiyuu, a Japanese voice Actor. She is 20 years old and is a Sophmore in the broadcasting department at Terumi's University.

      Throughout the chapters she is in Terumi often assists her in practicing for an audition with Hentai and suggestive themes. After Terumi's breakup with Tokonatsu he goes through a breakdown and can no longer assist Hana as well as is necessary, and hoping to help Terumi regain his confidence, in Chapter 194 she sits in his lap wishing to comfort him, this eventually leads to her first kiss which she initiates.