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Iyo Semi
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Semi Iyo.jpg
Kana 瀬見 伊予
Romaji Semi Iyo
Personal Profile
Occupation Shop Clerk
Love Interest Terumi Minamoto
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 121

Iyo is Terumi's Sixth conquest. She is 27 years old and works as a shop clerk at Terumi's university.


Semi is a beautiful woman who wearing black glasses with three hair clips and having her hair on her right side of her shoulders. For work, she wear the work uniforms. When she went on a date with Terumi, she wear a dress. She tends to wear pantyhose. Her underwear is simple plain.


Iyo didn't seem to like Terumi when they first met. However, this is revealed is because due to her belief that younger people don't know the struggle of people in their mid-20s. She is shown to be an extremely lazy person as she prefer to eat convenience foods, despite knowing that they aren't that good to eat. Despite this, she was devoted to her jobs. Due to her status as a mistress, she was miserable with her life. Unlike the other targets, she was able to deny a request made by Kaoruko, much to Terumi's surprise. She is quite perceptive as she was able to tell that Terumi wasn't much interested in her. However, she was very happy with Terumi in the end, for allowing her to get past her troubled self and her "boyfriend".

She drinks a lot of alcohol to get over any of her troubles.


Iyo had been dating a man for a very long time before she met with Terumi.