Miya Rokujou
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Miya Rokujou Profile
Kana 六条 美也
Romaji Rokujou Miya
Personal Profile
Occupation Information processing tutor
Love Interest Terumi Minamoto
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 98

Terumi's fourth sex conquest; a gorgeous, 25 year old, teacher who works at Terumi's university as the Information Processing Tutor.

Appearance Edit

She's a young woman with short sky blue hair. She claims she doesn't mind having small breasts, and confesses to Terumi that she doesn't even bother to wear a bra. What lacks in bust she compensate it by having long legs and wide hips. During her years as a teacher in training, she wore glasses.

Personality Edit

Rokujou is a person easily described as a Yandere, getting upset easily at the idea of Terumi being with another woman. She also holds great lust towards Terumi, telling him that she masturbated while seeing a picture of him at middle school and enjoys getting in sexual situations with him, such as licking him.

Plot Edit

She knew Terumi five years ago during his middle school years, as a teacher in training. Terumi doesn't remember her at all though, probably because in that period of time, Tsukasa bullied him, and he wanted to repress those memories.

She decides to bring Terumi back to his old middle school, but the traumatic memories return to him. But once they're alone she proceeds to kiss him in order to stop his trembling and overwrite the bad memories with good ones.

Despite knowing about the experiment and what it entails, she jumped at the chance to participate when it meant that she could sleep with Terumi. Knowing that Terumi would have to move on from her, she tried to draft up a marriage registration form, in an effort to keep Terumi for herself.

Once Kaoruko appears and tells her she has gone too far and that Terumi does not love her and doesn't need her like she would like to believe. She then proceeds to rip apart her marriage registration, leaving her crying.